Long after the death of Geocities and Angelfire, people are still finding ways of making sure their insane thoughts have somewhere to live on the Internet. Probably the best source for bizarre little one-off rants is Blogspot, which is a gift from God to people like me (possibly only me). Hell, Blogspot is an even lower hurdle for crazies to clear than its late, lamented, bandwidth-capped predecessors. It requires no HTML knowledge, and its no-frills template pretty much eliminates the presence of Awful Link staples such as animated GIFs and embedded music. At Blogspot sites like Gaia Two, the focus falls squarely on the broken-brain ramblings.

Gaia Two is a blog about a spaceship modeled after the top of a shark. But it's not so much about Gaia Two, which would apparently "fall into space" if it were built (for some reason building it is illegal), as it is about Rocketeers. You see, the Rocketeers are all Nazis and/or 'bazillionaires,' and they're trying to use their overwhelming powers and resources to cause problems on Earth. I don't know what problems, but definitely problems.

Anyway, at the heart of this blog is a dude who really wants to get into space and is horribly mistaken in his belief that he can do that by being dropped from a balloon that's floating really high in the sky. He might be (is) entirely wrong, but his faith in his space-travel dream is kind of endearing, and it would be more so if it weren't for all this nonsense about the Rocketeers and how they've "fortified Earth's surroundings with weaponry...all aimed this way!" But what do I know about science? Maybe he's right! Maybe just linking to this site will bring about a space-travel renaissance!

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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