Despite the questionable necessity of a clearinghouse site that primarily contains information that browsers could easily find somewhere else without having to endure hideous design, Mall 727 has somehow lasted nine years. And it's constantly being updated: In fact, during the short time I've been working on this update, the background changed from a 4th of July theme to something marking August's big holiday, which is of course Son and Daughter Day. Well, they did keep some fireworks as a festive backdrop for a random Hulu clip of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

Other Mall 727 attractions include animated lightning, a link to a Night at the Museum 2 promotional game, and Andrew's Corner, which failed to provide the customized content the title promised. Mostly, though, it caters to people whose crippling fear of direct interaction forces them to access popular sites via an aesthetically hostile middleman.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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