The official Web site for Boku no Pico contains almost no English, but in their quest to deliver the mythical Worst Awful Link Ever, various SA goons navigated it blindly, using their bat-like instincts to hone in on the NWS kiddie-porn cartoons. These indignant readers assume this site's pederast-friendly artwork makes it uniquely terrible, which demonstrates a blissful ignorance of similar atrocities, many of which fester in my toxic Submit An Awful Link inbox. However, Pico's creators proudly claim it's the first shotacon anime, so it probably deserves its own shame spotlight.

Vast galleries (don't visit them) offer graphic images of Pico, an alleged boy who looks like a pre-pubescent girl with a pixelated penis. They also include rough sketches, which should be especially attractive to the target demographic, given that these drawings appear much younger (developmentally speaking) than the finished comic panels.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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