IGHS Home Study Course For Certified Paranormal Investigator Diploma - Investigating ghosts seems like it would be really fun. You get to wander around in the dark, call out readings from handheld gadgets that detect ghostliness (I'm just as surprised as you are that that's a real word), and have actual encounters with ghosts while your cameraman is looking the other way.

Let's say you wanted to make ghost hunting your career, though. How would you get licensed? How would you prepare yourself for the task of confronting the untold legions of the dead with nothing to protect you but a cap with your investigation team's logo embroidered on it? You'd pay $400 to these guys, that's how!

There is no other home study course offered on the Internet that even comes close to the material and understanding that is offered by us. All other clone courses hide in the shadows when compared to the IGHS Home Study Course.

While clones are pretty cool in their own way, these guys actually teach you about the "danger of the ouija board", which is practically worth $400 by itself. You mean I shouldn't ram the corner of the board into my eye? Damn. Thank goodness I went with you guys!

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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