True to its domain name, if not otherwise explicable, Smoke and Balloons offers photos and videos of women puffing on cigarettes while interacting with inflatables.

We have tons of smoking hot balloon pictures and hours of videos featuring wanton hotties playing with their fully inflated latex balloons while they enjoy a relaxing cigarette. Want to watch as they blow a steady stream of gray smoke against a tightly inflated balloon? Yes? Come on in and let the smoke and the latex envelope your senses.

Joining a compound-fetish site to mock its members-only content is well beyond the Awful Link call of duty. Fortunately, the site "Balloon Directory" gave Smoke and Balloons a thorough review. Here's an abridged version:

If you are into women who both smoke cigarettes and who enjoy balloons, this is THE site for you: It’s devoted entirely to what appear to be IRL smokers, interacting with balloons every way imaginable. Roughly 50-50 on popping/non-popping, so, there’s a lot for all preferences here: poppers, non-poppers, and those who waver somewhere in between....

Balloons: INCREDIBLE variety of shapes, sizes, colors, even some Mickey Mouse ears ... in the past, S&B was criticized for occasionally using “second hand balloons” – looked like they’d been around for a while – but, good news, the newer material features fresh, tightly-inflated balloons (or balloons that are GOING TO GET tightly-inflated ... sometimes, just a little too much ... LOL).

Some things I particularly like about (the models): they LOVE to squeak balloons, regardless of whether they end up popping them or not. Most are very good “ciggie teasers” – again whether the end up popping some, all or none. For those who like it, there are one or two, who are rather ruthless poppers: theirs don’t last too long ... Lol

Just my fifty cents’s worth; my rating? A+.



– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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