Fallout 3, the long-anticipated RPG from Bethesda Softworks, is coming Fall 2008! What are the true fans saying about the game? This week we went to No Mutants Allowed to get the scoop on the hottest game of next year. But when we got there we just found a bunch of losers bitching endlessly.

They should have invited someone from the community, damnitt, like someone who knows the importance that killing children had on that classic Fallout gameplay. Whenever I think back on my hours and hours of playing Fallout the thing I remember most is killing kids. Now I'll just have to do it in real life.

I played Fallout 1 and 2 for hours on end when I was younger. I would often stay up until 4AM and then go to school on 3 hours of sleep. Having said that, Fallout: Oblivion looks great.

How can Bethesda bury Fallout-like cRPGs? Are they the only developer of video games in the world? Are they blowing up developers that are looking to develop RPGs? Watch out, it's a vast video game conspiracy!

Fallout 3: this time, it's personal.

I heard Bethesda is getting rid of the bloody mess trait and instead of blood the enemies will spurt out advertisements for Halo 3. Finish the fight. This Fall.

Both of these guys are dumb. Fallout looked good for its time and Gears of War and Oblivion look good for its time, which is now. These people find the most inane things to bicker about.

If these people just want Bethesda to remake Fallout 1 and 2, why not just play Fallout over and over again? The rest of us want to play something at least somewhat new.

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