Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey's Theory of Fotouhinia

Submitted by Charles Desbiens

C=Time*Effort - Pussy 2

Wherein C (interview with Chomsky) equals the time it took you to smoke enough weed to get high enough to think this shit made any fucking sense whatsoever multiplied by the effort it took to find your webcam while high as shit from all that weed you just smoked divided by the humiliation you'll feel when you realize Chomsky would let a cardboard cutout of Conan the Barbarian interview him if it meant getting some air time minus pussy (and the more time you spend on this incomprehensible nerd shit, the more pussy is subtracted from your life) squared.

Why squared? Because anyone who devotes this much time to a theory on colored pencils or what the fucking Christ ever your video was about has got to be the biggest square ever.

*gives you the hugest swirlie ever; revs motorcycle*

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