This dude is fucking horrible

Submitted by Brad D. and Brandon G.

Initially, Brad D. linked me to a video of a man running around in a diaper. I was totally going to use it as the lead in video to this page but, in what had to be the first, last and ONLY good decision he ever made, the dude in question decided to remove the video. However, he didn't remove the other ~dozen creepy, weird brony/Adult Baby bullshit videos on his channel, as Brandon G. helpfully pointed out!

In this first video, our intrepid hero sits in his high chair and attempts to choose between a man's drink and what I can only assume is a baby bottle full of his own liquified feces. Luckily, he has a plush My Little Pony doll to help him stay on the straight and narrow, shitgargler path!

Next up, we have him TOTALLY NOT BEING A CREEPY PSEUDO-PEDO OR ANYTHING. ~It puts the lotion on its mane, or else it gets the rapes again~

If there was even a single doubt in your mind that we're dealing with a grown-ass man here, he actually speaks in this video. Of course, it should be noted that he's speaking to a plush My Little Pony doll that he apparently thinks is real.

This seriously goes wayyyyyyyyyy above and beyond the usual stupid brony shit I make fun of. Like, I just feel dirty watching these things and seriously feel skeezy even joking about it. I don't know if it's the grainy film quality or the abrupt endings or the general sense of despair and horror that pervades his movies, but everything this dude shoots seriously looks like it might end up on a newsreel entitled "Area man arrested for child molestation".

We end with 2 minutes of him being A CREEPY FUCKING WEIRDO at his local toy store.

Fuck this shit. Watching these videos seriously made me feel gross. I am seriously considering destroying my hard drive with a hammer to make sure that the police can't charge me as an accessory to whatever sex crimes he ends up committing. I need a shower, a drink and a good cry. UGH.

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