Submitted by Brandon G.

Oh a bloo bloo bloo. :'( Poor widdle white heterosexual American male. He's a member of literally the most privileged demographic on the face of the fucking planet but hims widdle butt is huwt that there are too many women on TV. :'(

I don't usually do this, but I think it's warranted: feel free to wreck his stupid fucking video until he has to disable comments. If you took every atom in the fucking universe and arranged them to spell out "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE" in eleventy trillion point font, it still wouldn't be a big enough fuck you to this sexist piece of garbage. My blackened, shriveled heart goes out to the women he's conned into letting him put his 3 inch dick in them.

And no, I'm not overreacting. This idiot has over 50 long-ass videos dedicated to his dickhole obsession with "Men's Rights". Eat shit forever and ever until you literally fucking die, TheIgnoredGender.

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