Submitted by Ronnie C.

Uh, yeah, you definitely shouldn't watch this if you're at work (unless your job is cool with you watching Youtube videos of dudes jacking off and cumming on My Little Pony toys).

I'm sure there are at least one or two "bronies" that read my article, so this goes out to you: can you seriously, for real, explain to me what the fuck is going on with your sub-culture? You are way, way into a show for little girls and it seems like half of your fan base is either autistic, creepy or a gross weird idiot. Often, all three simultaneously.

I'm not even fucking joking. Post it on our Facebook page or something. You weirdos have a lot to answer for. Jesus CHRIST.

I almost hate Error404fucknickname as much as the dude in the video

"Uhh *facehoof*

I've never wishedÿ anybody's death, but yours. I hate you so much you peace-of-zoophiliac-maniac-who ­'s-getting-bronies-a-bad-name, that i could kill you.

Have a nice day"


"Okay i (very hardly) tollerate cloppers, but please PLEASE do not upload yourselves fapping.

Seriously, if you're going to post pony pr0n, well do it, i won't watch it; butÿ please do not clop AND UPLOAD IT!!!!"


"Ehem, you mean cloppers...

Cloppers are the subsection of Bronies who actually fap (or "clop") to the show, or to some rule34 art.

Not all bronies are cloppers, and perhaps not allÿ cloppers are bronies"


"Sorry, i'm not a ponychanner, 4channer, or anything like that. However, yes i am a 12 years old boy, but that doesn't make me stupid. In fact you're acting more stupidÿ that me...

Just sayin'..."


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