Just as quickly he appears, he is gone. You reach out and call to him, but no sound leaves your mouth. You miss him so much.

What did he mean about the "bottom line"?

You are bombarded with images of your father landing an amazing Stunner on what can only be time itself. How can this be possible?

Where is the woman?

All fades to black.

..........Time Passes..........

You open your eyes again. Another clock.

This time, something is different.

You stand naked in an office. The air feels charged - the hair on your arms is standing straight up.

Are you alive?

A man speaks to you, pulling you back to reality.

"Well then.... what have we here?" asks a friendly voice in an English accent.

Thanks to Atma for the setting and illustrations, and to the SA Goons for the storyline suggestions!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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