There's been a lot of spooky Halloween stuff on our front page lately, but we haven't really covered costumes. In this article, we continue not to do so. After all, anyone could type "Star Wars costume" into a search engine, but it takes a motivated mind to track down Star Wars maxi pads. So before you slip on a sexy Yoda hat, consider making a meta-statement by dressing up like these products! ("See, I'm not the Death Star itself, I'm a Death Star cutting board.") Then, please decide otherwise!


Star Wars has completely cornered the market on making baffling shit.

A Death Star cutting board. Why? What advantage does this offer over a normal cutting board, except for channels for liquids to puddle and mold in?


If you wear cufflinks, you don't wear these.

If you use a yoga mat, you don't use this one.

In case you needed to FLIP your MEAT with a STAR WARS

My grandchild will love strategically burnt bread!

Dress your child as an incestuous cloud of pop culture!

The movie isn't even out! You don't even know who this is! You don't have to serve chips off it yet!

this is great though

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