BYOB is a casual place where chill people can post conversationally, a refuge from the high-effort academic theory discussion and high-level meta-ironic humor you can find elsewhere on the SA Forums. It has been described as "kind of a posting minor leagues ... BYOB is where people post when they don't want to worry about what they're posting and if it's good," and that explanation comes from someone who likes the place! Traditionally Goons close their eyes while drawing animals to give their work a charmingly crude feel, but in BYOB, that aesthetic just comes naturally.

my new dog

please draw a bear


Honj Steak


ron color

Jerry Cotton

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The Comedy Goldmine examines the funniest and most creative threads from the Something Awful Forums. Although the Comedy Goldmine has changed authors many times over the years, its focus on the Something Awful Forums is still the same. Includes hilarious Photoshops, amusing work stories, parodies, and other types of oddball humor.

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