I'm sure you are like me, regularly finding yourself afraid of everything that exists on the entire world we live in and each day you survive is a small miracle for which we owe an incredible debt to the lord Jesus Christ. That's why I feel so passionately about warnings. Just switch on your local news. They point out the pitfalls of modern life, such as COATHANGERS: THE SILENT KILLER and WHAT THE GOVERNMENT ISN'T TELLING YOU ABOUT GRAPE JELLY. But for a good old fashioned warning, you can't beat a yellow and black 'Danger' sign. To help prepare you for the struggle against your environment as you attempt not to die while cutting your toenails, our thoughtful forum goons have put together a useful database full of these signs. Use them to avoid certain death for you and your peers by printing these signs off and sticking them around your home and place of work. People might avoid you and refer to you as "the crazy guy", but deep down they will appreciate you saving their lives.

Hopper is the biggest wimp on Earth, and his ulterior motive for asking the forum goons to create these signs is so that he can subversively push his safety-conscious views on all of us.

Aorist is out of control and ready to hit you over the heard with a block of frozen comedy.

This link to the past comes courtesy of Arse Porn Cage.

"Who needs Ts?", cried Bloody Hedgehog, as a single member of the A-Team wept.

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