The playoffs continue...

may contain peanuts posted:

Pretty bad decision by Flacco there. Alex Smith had a similar play this year where he just keep running backwards 40 yards to escape the sack and then threw the ball away in the end zone, it was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. The Seahawks got 7 points out of it, even though they weren't the other team playing. They're just that good!

Jagfire posted:

may contain peanuts posted:

Uh did anyone else just lose sound? What the fuck where'd my sound go

Maybe I've gone deaf from that Seahawks game. Qwest is the loudest stadium in the NFL and has the best fans and Candlestick is a shitheap that's falling apart

Finally, it was time for the next Seahawks game. Though it looked grim, may contain peanuts showed unbridled optimism and faith in his team.

may contain peanuts posted:

That's a smart play by the Seahawks. Let the Bears score so you can get your offense back on the field and throw for a whole lot more touchdowns than the 49ers did this postseason because they're not in it because they didn't make the playoffs.

may contain peanuts posted:

I'm sure Milloy could have gotten there if he played at his full ability. Obviously that's completely unfair to the rest of the NFL so every player on the Seahawks is forced to wear 50 pound weights while they play. Have you ever read Harrison Bergeron? It's kind of like that. The 49ers do something similar but instead of wearing weights they're terrible at football.

may contain peanuts posted:

Don't quote me on this because I'm not 100% sure, but I think in a situation where a player literally dies on the field, the playoffs are canceled and the Lombardi is awarded to the most talented team, which of course is the Seahawks. Why would it be anyone other than the Seahawks?! If you guessed the 49ers man that's an awful guess because those guys are goddam horrible

may contain peanuts posted:

Great defense by the Seahawks that series. Any time you can force a team to go for it on 4th down, you're doing something right. If Seattle keeps playing at this high a level they'll win this game 42-14-N/A, that last score representing the 49ers' points (they don't have any, they're not in the playoffs)

may contain peanuts posted:

Well I think we can all agree the Seahawks played a great game today. There were at least 21 points they should have scored but didn't because of the refs and the turf and the snow but that's fine, history will know who the real winners were. I'll give some credit to the Bears, they definitely know how to be in the right place at the right time, absolutely great job having that turf.

And so ends the Seattle Seahawks 2010 season. Exceeded expectations and look poised to beat the shit out of the awful 49ers forever and ever. Great work, guys.

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