NFL Playoff Madness continued the next weekend, as did may contain peanuts' devotion to his punitive gimmick!

may contain peanuts posted:

Wow that's really bad special teams play by the 49ers. Oops I mean the Packers. Sorry, whenever I see a team do real bad at something I assume it's the 49ers. Boy that team is bad. I wish they were the Seahawks.

may contain peanuts posted:

Wow! A great run by Vick! It's almost like he's Steve Young out there, except Steve Young was horrible and couldn't run or pass and had no poise in the pocket and actually you know what that run was really more like Matt Hasselback who is good at every aspect of quarterbacking

penisclaw posted:

you really are quite good at this.

may contain peanuts posted:

I'm barely outside double-digit posts, once I get to triple I'm sure I'll be seriously phoning it in, much like the 49ers phone it in any time they play Seattle. Actually that's probably not true, they don't phone it in, they're just that outmatched.

may contain peanuts ventures into a television-show discussion and starts numbering his posts for convenience.

Is every joke on that show going to be like that? It seems like if you keep using the same subject for all your jokes it would get tiring.

You know what I never get tired of? The Seahawks. Any time those masters of the gridiron take the field and roll over some shitty team like the 49ers, why, I could watch that all day (#37)

may contain peanuts returns to Football Chat for a portentously numbered post:

Probably they realize that the winner of this game will eventually have to take on the Seahawks, and they figure, what's the point. Why bother. We can't win anyways, why does anything matter anymore. That's the same thing that happened to the Niners, in addition to their lack of talent. (#49)

may contain peanuts posted:

I think that 49ers team was overrated, honestly. Maybe they were good in that era but I don't think they would have been able to compete against a modern team like, just as an arbitrary example, the 2010 Seattle Seahawks. (#63)

may contain peanuts posted:

So they're advertising specifically to gay NFL fans? I wonder how big of a market that is.

I'm not gay, but if I was I think the sort of guy I'd be into would be Matt Hasselbeck. He's just so strong and so handsome. Plus he's got big hands and you know what that means (and, inversely, what it means about Alex Smith)

may contain peanuts posted:

An incomplete pass. It happens when the ball doesn't get to the intended receiver. Usually they happen by accident, but the 49ers have a few plays that are designed incompletions to "get in the other team's head." Doesn't work though, most teams are too smart to be confused by that, especially the Seahawks.

Goetta posted:


may contain peanuts posted:

It's weird you'd say that because that's actually the name of one of the 49ers trick plays. It works about as well as you'd expect. When you don't have the talent of a team like the Seahawks sometimes you try unusual tactics and sometimes they don't work out.

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