While perusing Sonic The Hedgehog fan comics on deviantART (just a normal way to spend leisure time, nothing to question there), Nunez discovered Lazerbot and his riveting "Tails Gets Trolled" saga. Panel after astonishing panel, "Tails Gets Trolled" mesmerized the SA Forum Goons with its bizarre word choices and baffling spelling errors; its random insertion of unrelated characters; and its shocking dramatic twists. Soon, they were making fan art of this fan art of a video game, because this counts as a healthy creative outlet on the Internet in the year 2012!

In order to fully appreciate and understand the videos and drawings that follow, it would help to have read "Tails Gets Trolled" in its entirety, which you can do by visiting Lazerbot's deviantART page. "But I don't want to browse deviantART," you might protest. "It's unseemly, with the deviance and all! And even though I didn't want to do so, I tried, and it told me I had to have an account to view 'Tails Gets Trolled' because this comic contains graphic villains!" If only someone were to rehost every 'Tails Gets Trolled' image. Of course, no one will, because- what a silly project!

Just in case some of you can't be bothered to click on Lazerbot's page, or a series of sequential hyperlinks that you might happen to find somewhere gloriously convenient, or an easy summary collection that hypothetically might have popped up after said hyperlinks had already been compiled, here are some sample panels so you can get the gist:

Now that you've had a taste of "Tails Got Trolled," let's find out how the SA Goons paid homage to this magnum opus!

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