If you need to stop faster than brakes will stop, throw the car into reverse... MAY cause transmission to say "seeya" and parachute away, off to start a new life in a town where nobody recognizes it

City of Glompton

people often misplace cool stuff on the road like coins, shoes, xp, car parts etc...if you drive a combine down the road, you can safely collect it all and make a tidy profit!


Remember to use your speed boost before you pick up a second one


some people who get multiple DUIs can't drive anymore and you see them riding bikes in really awful weather be sure to follow them because they are probably on the way to a really good party

Ace of Baes

in a lot of places its illegal to ride your dirt bike on main roads, you can get around this law by covering your tires in mud


drinking while driving is considered illegal but if you let go of the wheel every time you take a sip cops can't arrest you.

Ace of Baes

if you're sick of waiting to make a left turn just make 3 right turns in a row


when being pulled over, take the cops hat and then arrest him.


we've all been there: speeding down the highway in your convertible, the wind in your hair--uh oh, what's that? a cop posted alongside the road, and he's got his speed gun out!! no need to worry, friend. throw a fast ball ahead of your car and they'll go after the ball instead


Bad traffic ahead? No worries! Simply pull the special lever in the middle of your car (commonly referred to as a hand or parking break) to do a cool flip over all the cars.

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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