Previously on WTF, D&D!? we brought you the sorry tale of White Wolf and Capcom's collaboration on the disastrously terrible Street Fighter RPG. The game used White Wolf's Storytelling System to give very dumb people the chance to play as their favorite characters from the Street Fighter video game. Today's selection expands that universe beyond Ryu and Chun Li and introduces dozens of new fighters created specifically for the Street Fighter RPG. Consider it Street Fighter's version of a Monster Manual. Somehow it's even worse than that sounds.

Zack: This is it, Steve. The worst book that has ever existed.

Steve: If this were on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Giles would put it in that cage in the school library where he keeps all of the evil books.

Zack: Is that where he kept the human body book and all of the romance novels?

Steve: No, like magic books and things with evil knowledge and horrifying true accounts. Really bad books with curses.

Zack: So the Necronomicon and Star Wars novels.

Steve: Whoa, let's not get hasty here. There are some really good Star Wars novels that are almost as good as the Halo novels and the Dan Abnett Warhammer novels.

Zack: Alright, we're on the first page and you have referenced Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dan Abnett. Let's just burn everything and go our separate ways.

Steve: Purify it with cleansing flame!

Zack: I hate you, Steve.

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