One of the most exciting features of the Something Awful Forums has to be the quality Photoshop that are pumped out on a regular basis. These digital masterpieces make up the content for the Photoshop Phriday as well as the Goldmine Tuesday features. After viewing day after day of quality Photoshop content, we here at Something Awful decided to hold a monthly "Something Awful Goon Photoshop Olympics" competition, one which would put the Forum Goons' skills and talents to the max. We broke the contest down into three sections:

Photoshop Phreestyle - We just provide a general, loose theme ("geeky movies", etc.) and the entrant may do whatever they like as long as it adheres to this theme. This category is based primarily on the humor of the entry.
Realistic Realism - We provide a background and a general theme. The person must seamlessly Photoshop the two onto each other, making the most realistic looking image. This category is based primarily on the realism of the entry.
Toughman Trio - We provide two objects and one background and the person must combine all three to make the funniest and most realistic image. You may add additional images if you like. This category is based on both realism and humor.

This month's jackpot was over $250. Let's move on and check out the winners in each category!


This month's theme was "Video Games in Real Life." Competitors should try to create the most realistic "real life" Photoshop image from a video game theme. The topic is very open ended; they could Photoshop a real image to look like a video game, Photoshop video game characters into real life situations, or just about anything else. This event was based on the raw humor of the entry.


Although the Photoshop quality is obviously lacking, the humor makes up for it. This could've easily made second or first place if the author would've spent more time on it, adjusting the contrast / brightness levels on the floating barrel, Mario, and Princess. Additionally, the image quality of the barrel doesn't match the surrounding building, which was obviously shot in a higher resolution. Remember that when Photoshopping up images to revert to the lowest common denominator, image quality-wise.


Initially we couldn't even tell what was Photoshopped here. After further inspection, we realized the soldiers preparing to storm the beach were models from BF:1942. The author did an excellent job of matching contrast with surrounding shading.


Maybe we're just suckers for Warcraft here, or perhaps we hate filthy hippies. Either way, we thought this entry was very funny and had the appropriate image quality to award it a first place ranking.

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