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Reppin': muscles like this?
The Helldump is cage matches for nerds. If you've got something to get off your chest that isn't burger crumbs, this is the forum for you!

Meeting PUAs: Let's Ignore the Trolls. Let's Ignore the Trolls. Let's Ignore the Tr Fresh from Helldump Success Stories this is the thread that helped get dating advice banned from Ask/Tell. It turns out that creepy man-children who hump their guy friends in public and think its perfectly acceptable behavior aren't really the best people you should turn to for dating advice.

sgt_goomba was in the shit in the koopatorium A big whiny Obamatard was made fun of and decided that he should defend himself in Helldump by saying it was a fakepost. Then it was discovered that he ran a website devoted to creepy pictures of those mushroom guys from the Super Mario games. He was owned so hard that he changed his username, avatar and every post he had previously made in Helldump. Its pretty funny.

Fire: Neo-Pagan Bleeding Ass Atheist I could write something here but I'll let someone else sum this up:"Good god you are such a fucking moron Fire. You're well-known and loathed for being able to take reasonable positions and argue them so badly and so stupidly that people who hold them start doubting themselves. You constantly post arguments that make people remember their dumb arguments from 9th grade, complete with angst, social ineptness, and complete inability to reason coherently, which would be explicable if you hadn't been doing it for so long you have to at least be college-aged by now.

Rather than fault yourself for your complete inability to persuade anyone, of anything, you've chosen to post this tripe. The problem is not you, it's the rest of the goddamn world. Even here, a fairly liberal forum, you are posting this screed basically blaming all your problems on a pervasive demand that all people adhere to this ridiculous caricature. You know when you hear Republicans bitching about the "liberal media" because the facts aren't on their side? That's you. This reads like the whiny screed of the southern gentleman who has recently discovered people recoil when he starts his exposition on how the entire race of negroes is inferior and criminal.

None of those positions is held without debate and the majority of them are in fact minority positions in both popular opinion and media culture. The fact that when you start arguing against them you do it with such an annoying combination of whininess, completely undeserved arrogance, and flat-out stupidity is the reason you always fail, not that there is a pervasive mind-control scheme to force people to disagree with you.

If you'd ever read anything worth reading you might know a little more about how much stricter deviance from the "popular opinion" has been treated in the past compared to now, such as the McCarthy hearings, the Palmer Raids, the jailing of anti-war protesters in WWI, the list goes on.

You're not brilliant, you're not a visionary, you're a goddamn moron who makes every position you take look retarded. The reason nobody likes you isn't your "far-out" ideas, it's the fact you're so goddamn annoying you could go into a Baptist church, start preaching about Jesus, and get a churchful of atheists by the time you finished.

I considered going through that stupid, stupid post line by line pointing out which opinions were not even held by all the 29%ers, let alone a majority, let alone a supermajority that squelches all dissent, but anyone who bothered to read through that whole thing, besides you, already figured it out and probably really doesn't want to read it again."

quind: 9 out of 10 black people agree, slavery is okay if it's for communis Hey, Stalin and Mao may have killed a LOT of people but not as much as most people think and that makes everything A-OK! Also he freestyle raps, this guy not Stalin.

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Reppin': Mr. Onslaught
If you're reading this, you probably play video games.

Features in video games that you're glad caught on - The shift in emphasis from console gaming to handheld gaming is a good thing.

Great games that few people played - Ninja Five-O is a great game, too bad only six people in history have actually seen an actual cartridge of it.

Times You've Broken a Game - One of the few bearable RPGs ever made, Final Fantasy VI, is fun to play through mainly due to Genji Glove/Offering and Vanish/Doom.

Mega Man X: X Bares All - Remember when Mega Man games were cool?

dang, zelda games might actually be cool if they were like this - This thread made me want to play Link's Awakening.

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