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Have you ever been polishing your extensive gat collection, then stopped to longingly look at your keyboard and wish you could discuss cleaning your guns with somebody? Who hasn't? That's what I want to know.

Guns - BlessedAreThySoul has started a rather I depth discussion on the finer points of firearms ownership a heated discussion on the political ramifications of personal liberties over public safety. Definitely a must read for everyone.

HEY LURKERS [Adopt-a-noob thread] - Been browsing for a while? Not scared off by Aperture Science's tiny penis? Come get some chump to pay $10 for you to be a member of our Man Thong Parade.

Milsurp Megathread: if it ain't C&R, it ain't shit - Tired of the hundreds of obscure Curio and Relic question threads? Need to know if the beat to piss Mosin Nagant at the Jimbob's Gun and Tire is worth really $500? Well Cyrano4747 has just the thread for you. (This thread replaces the Mosin Megathread)

The Importance of an FFL? - Yet more proof the laws regarding the transfer of weapons is really fucking confusing.

Fort Bragg special ops marksmanship contest - Get your butt down to Fort Bragg if you want to participate in the SOCOM Marksmanship Contest. For the first time in the four years the competition has taken place the general public will be allowed to participate in the competition to show who is the best rifleman.

More screwings for the residents in Kalifonistien - I don't quite understand why Californians don't band together as a group and just put the condor species out of its misery.

My Suppressor is dirty - Apparently you need to clean your firearms equipment after using it. Unfortunately TheReverend has no idea how to clean his can.

An Inside look at the AR-7 Survival Rifle - Everybody needs at least one firearm that folds into its stock and floats on the open sea just in case their boat sinks and they need to shoot a whale.

Let's describe ourselves in sensationalist media terms - Events are winding down after an Ohio University student and potential Neo-Nazi was apprehended in [censored] Towers near the OU campus earlier today. Police investigated Paramemetic, a senior Psychology Major, after an anonymous tipster called and reported him loading rifles into and out of his car. Police were searching his apartment when he and his alleged fiancée returned. Police apprehended Paramemetic with two military style main battle rifles capable of sniping victims as far as 2400 meters away.

~*~ Laissez's Fair ~*~
Reppin': rubber cat

Starbucks Megathread XXXVII - The Audacity of Frap - "It looks Fratalian." - Unnamed Dunkin Donuts adviser, 2004.

YES! The most important poll just launched by SurveyUSA, the best pollster - My main man Beef BEEF's got all the numbercrunching that the Liberal Media's too chicken to report on.

I have an audition for Oliver Stone's "W" help me nail this shit - Keep your eyes peeled, because you just might see LF's own FizFashizzle up there on the big screen in Oliver Stone's upcoming Bush biopic! He'll be playing "Guy in SA Shirt Yelling Catchphrases During Bush's Inauguration."

California High Speed Rail is on the ballot this November - Former SA writer and Disneyland fanboy SpokkerJones believes the monorail is the ultimate form of public transportation.

everytime d&d talks about art i want to suicidebomb - my rule of thumb: if it ain't got robocop, it ain't art

if africa had a single currency it would be called the afro - I don't have anything to add to this thread, just click on it. You'll be glad you did.

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