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Reppin': rubber cat

:SIREN: ULILLILLIA'S BOOK RELEASED :SIREN: - the legend of the 10 elemental masters is going to become one of the most important works in the canon of outsider literature and you should buy it now before it becomes a collector's item. here's a sneak peek preview:
If you do encounter any of these monsters, (with emphasis) do not fight them! (normal) They are incredibly powerful, especially the large ones. (with emphasis) No military should attempt to fight these either (nortmal). Bombs and missiles will heal them instead. They are so resistant that they're very hard to scratch even ignoring elemental properties. (with emphasis) Let me deal with them.

Jimmy Wilson
What an unusual event! You really are powerful! Your statement nearly three years ago about having this kind of power was true! Why did the monster heal you though, knowing the green number?

It cast the plasma ball 55 spell on me and I absorb fire-elemental attacks. That means it cures me. I cast ultimara6 on it, the cause of the big damage.

Jimmy Wilson
I didn't catch that part but oh well. The green one on you distracted me from catching it.

This is all I need to report. You can return to normal broadcasting now.

After a second, the TV resumes normal broadcasting, cutting to advertisements, one for life insurance.

Jimmy Wilson
What a fascinating story! Did you see that thing that caused the voice?

I could sense its position, not see what it looks like or target it. I tried to get it with ultimara6, bur nothing happened, other than wasting spell power. With 467% magic accuracy, missing is extremely unlikely. I need to go to Hawaii though.

Jimmy Wilson

herein we find all the sick ass geocities sites before theyre deleted Oct26 - are you tired of stupid internet memes like those demotivational posters? return with us to a simpler time when the only image macros involved mr. t and/or the consumption of balls

whats worth seeing in nyc for two days besides MoMA and The Guggenheim - gosh new york is so g.d. boring. aint nothin to do there. help a goon out and suggest some wild n crazy shenenigans for this goon to get into

i guess one cool thing about being old is seeing former hot girls - fyad isnt all about jokes and makin yukz it's also about making poignant observations about the despondency of aging

https://www.forum-posting.info - somethingawful.com is experimenting with a new revenue-generating plan. instead of people paying us to post, we will pay people to post. this will make us money somehow

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Reppin': Mr. Onslaught

Let's talk about the Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker is the best Zelda game just to clear things up.

Videogames Make You Stupid: People Who Should Put Down the Damn Controller - A 42 page thesis about Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. Seriously.

Fuck Shit Cunting Around Games - Spider-Man 2 was fun to dick around town in.

You're Great! Let's Play Metal Slug! - Will we ever see HD sprites for Metal Slug?

october is sc-sc-sc-scary g-g-g-games m-m-m-month.... -

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