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Reppin': Mr. Wiggles

What's your Foodgasm ? - Pics encouraged
- Not as dirty as it sounds. In this thread we're just talking about really, really good food.

Death Row Food: Your Last Meal
- Similar to the above, but with a much more homey feel.

Restaurant Recipe Replications
- You probably won't get a lot out of those chain recipes unless you have an industrial chicken seperator

Thick, hot, chocolate love
- Mexican style!

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Reppin': reflir

PYF low resource PC games - so I can play them on my cellphone.

PYF Bathroom Grafiti - meter is not a serviceable substitute for wit.

PYF single word in a film - Imagine one day you find a magic lamp. You rub it three times and a genie pops out but it's an evil genie and instead of granting you wishes he puts a curse on you. You have to pick one word, and it'll be the only word you can say ever again. What word would you pick?

PYF protagonist - It is said that the famous sophist Protagoras took on a pupil, Euathlus, on the understanding that the student pay Protagoras for his instruction after he had won his first case. Some accounts claim that Protagoras demanded his money as soon as Euathlus completed his education, others say that Protagoras waited until it was obvious that Euathlus was making no effort to take on clients and still others assert that Euathlus made a genuine attempt but that no clients ever came. In any case, Protagoras decided to sue Euathlus for the amount owed. Protagoras argued that if he won the case he would be paid his money. If Euathlus won the case, Protagoras would still be paid according to the original contract, because Euathlus would have won his first case. Euathlus, however, claimed that if he won then by the court's decision he would not have to pay Protagoras. If on the other hand Protagoras won then Euathlus would still not have won a case and therefore not be obliged to pay.

The Best Bad Guys - Your Favorite Villains - Don't let the forum id fool you, this thread owns. Also Nurse Ratchet. Even her haircut is evil.

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