~*~ General Bullshit ~*~
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GBS is the forum where threads that don't quite fit anywhere else go. We already have lots of specialized subforums already though, so a large portion of what flows into GBS are threads like "I just pooped my pants at work today and I don't remember eating all that corn". Oh, and these:

I'm drunk and depressed - Depressants make me sad too. Protip: nobody on the internet knows you're drunk until you tell them.

Let's Watch Documentaries! - Finally, a collection of documentaries that I can watch without being forced to learn.

Let's make Silent Hill photos again! - I tried this same thread with Mission Hill and got a shark week ban.

Roomy gets plaster mold stuck to goatee... need help - Dumbass gets plaster stuck on his goatee, is rewarded with the attention he craved.

A Glitch in the Matrix - Wait, my previous five minutes of rambling were pointless, you knew I'd know I knew you knew I know you'd know I'd knock that bowl of cookies over, Oracle!

Photography. vertigo and how I went electric. - I used to have quite the photographer's eye, but then the shrooms wore off and I stopped dilating.

~*~ Serious Hardware / Software Crap ~*~
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For the discerning nerd or those with way too much money.

Overclocking Megathread - Version: Oh god do I have to read all that?- As much fun as it is to read people's stories of how they just burned up their $500 CPUs, I feel like I have some obligation to the people on the forums and readers of the site. Go to this site, follow the directions, and then you don't have to beg your parents to max out their credit cards getting you another computer for you to watch your anime... I mean do your schoolwork.

The Kindle - Amazon's $399 Always-Connected e-Book - Spend $400 dollars, get a simple laptop that lets you buy then download books from Amazon, newspapers, and magazines. To add to this interesting advertising, you also have free wifi access from anywhere you can use a cell phone. Free, as in you are never billed for the service. Go out and get one before Amazon comes to it's senses.

~*~ The TV IV ~*~
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"What does the paper say about tomorrow?"
"Another scorcher!"

Adult Swim schedule/discussion for the week of 12/2 - AlmightyPants is a weird guy who has made it his life's quest to be the person who posts the schedule for Adult Swim each and every week, a task that he has done every week since like 2002.

Futurama Continuation Anticipation Proclaimation - Nov. 27th *Now With Trailer!* (page 6 onward) - If you like pages that are nothing but big, black boxes of spoiler text, you will like this thread!

Commercials You Hate: The Tome of Taco Bell - I really hate that Coca-Cola commercial where a bunch of CGI polar bears are partying with CGI penguins. First off all polar bears and penguins live on totally different hemispheres. Second of all where the heck would they find bottles of Coke in the middle of nowhere let alone open them? Third of all why would they desire an ice cold beverage when it's like negative a billion degrees fahrenheit???

Tin Man - Wizard of Oz-inspired Mini-series - 12/2-12/4 @ 9 on SciFi - Finally, a miniseries that dares to tackle the big questions, namely "What if Neal Stephenson wrote Wizard of Oz slash-fiction?"

Character's that you're pissed they killed off - i'm still so freaking pissed that they killed off the dad from 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter for no freaking reason it makes my blood boil just thinking about it!!!!! wait, what? oh

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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