Instead of being "in the now" and forging real human connections, today's modern youths would much rather look at their phones. Now I'm not saying whether this is a positive of negative thing, but just think of it this way - something's being lost. We're losing something, in the transition. And that is a negative thing. Idiocracy was a documentary.

Children today don't care about creating things of value... they would rather send snap chats to each other. Think of a scant twenty years ago, the pre-online utopia... every child would constantly be walking around town working on their new groundbreaking novel. or. solving complex mathematical equations. but they would still look up from their manuscripts to have an honest face to face connection with each other. Now people just stare at their phones and run full speed into traffic, through panes of glass being carried end to end by two delivery men, between rows of combine harvesters, etc.

Shit.. thought provoking... it's so damn true. They're just bukkake sex slaves to twitter and phone call icon and... LINE? Fucking LINE? Who thef fuck put LINE in the iphone bukkake picKids just text each other instead of having a conversation. It used to be, in the good old days, that people would walk up to each other, stare each other directly in the eyes from 1 inch away, and begin talking about something authentic and honest like soil ph or copper wire. However, today's hell life is a far cry from this - you are more likely to find a 1 year old baby texting their "fuck buddy" about "netflix and chill" or the latest album from Justin Bieber who isn't as good as The Beatles.

The internet is causing individuals to become more insular, seeking out only those who agree and shutting out alternative viewpoints. All my friends agree.

Guy from the 1980s: Hello, I would like to buy this DVD of "Titanic". Thank you, and God bless America.
Guy from the present: Siri.. open up a new torrent window and STEAL titanic.xvid from an illegal darknet website... I don't believe film creators should get paid because I have entitlement... also open up an etsy window and custom order some participation trophies because I did a good job

A, "Selfy Stick"? Shit... I remember the days when the only "stick" a child would be given would be a rifle to go fight in Vietnam. Instead now, of this, we have the selfy stick, a torrid symbol of a culture that is so far gone that it enjoys taking photographs and sharing them with their friends. What else is there to say but "img farnsworth I don't want to live on this planet any more".

The web is dehumanizing the youth... in the past you'd have to interact with human beings while walking around the city. They would say "Hey, what's up", and you would say "Oh, uh, not much. Gotta go but it was good to see you man." It was fucking great - and it instilled empathy in people. Not like now. Nowadays everyone under 30 is a sociopath ISIS serial killer from using [thumbs through 5" index cards] uber

The baby faced "Generation Me, Me, Me" of today would rather drink flouridated water and become low t than. drift race. If you ask a teen who the president of the USA is, 40% will say "Kim Kardashien<sic>", and a shocking 54% will say "Apple". If you hand a millenial of today a drafting ledger and slide rule, they will immediately attempt to break the slide rule and construct something relatable out of its component parts.

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– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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