AlexDeGruven posted:

This makes me laugh as I, and others in this thread, have a massively huge caffeine tolerance. I'm truly an addict in that I need a good strong hit to feel normal and be able to go about my daily business.

My normal caffeination regimen:
6:30am 16oz can Monster Lo-Carb (blue can)
7:30am 44oz Fountain Diet Mt. Dew (Speedy Rewards, yeah!)
9:30am 44oz Fountain Diet Pepsi (All work carries)
12:00pm 44oz Fountain Diet Pepse (See previous)
2:00pm 20oz Diet Mt. Dew (vending machine, cafeteria closes @ 1)
3:45pm 44oz Fountain Diet Mt. Dew (Speedy Rewards for the road, yeah!)
6:00pm 16oz can Monster Lo-Carb w/dinner
6:30pm - bedtime - various glasses of caffeinated drinks as thirst arises.
Additional sources:
On Tuesday nights (class nights), I also have a quad grande cappuccino at Beaners around 4pm, plus a 32oz Diet Coke from Chipotle with dinner around 7.
Marshmallow Sushi posted:
I can report that it is chocolate and it has bacon in it. It's also useless for doing the melt-against-the-palate maneuver, as the crunchy, pointy bacon pieces will tear that shit up.

I have rarely been befuddled by a food product as much as this one. I cannot decide if I like it or not.

The dark milk chocolate is standard Vosges fare - rich and creamy, with a slight wisp of rich bitterness, and just sweet enough to stand up to the heavy salt and smoke of both the bacon and smoked sea salt. It really is more of a bacon bar than a chocolate bar, though; the chocolate can't overcome the potent smoke and (in my opinion) overcooked, charred quality of the bacon. Overcooked bacon is an abomination; a sin against God, man, and pig.

I can't help but come away with the notion that bacon and chocolate could be a great pairing, but the bacon needs to be mellower and moister. Maybe great whopping hunks of bacon in chocolate-chip pancakes? Brownies? Between layers of sugar wafers and coated in chocolate?
Undaine posted:
I hate salad.

I went to Outback and ordered a steak. It came with a dinner salad before hand. My waiter asked me what I'd like on it, and I told him of my hatred.

"Unless you make it entirely out of croûtons and ranch dressing I won't be eating it, but thanks anyway."

3 minutes later, a plate full of croûtons covered in ranch dressing adorned my plate.

Yes, that man got a 30% tip.
Sloppy posted:
I hate Mattel. Hot Wheels sucked compared to Matchboxes, then Tyco bought Matchbox and made them suck too. They make Barbie and fake Lego bricks. Crap, crap, crap.

Edit: Every restaurant has roaches. Sorry, it's a fact of life. Most have rats, too. This isn't really an issue unless they let the pests get into food intended for customers and don't properly sanitize with bleach.
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