As the Fools Lark with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom i suppose we ought to buy a farm in rural kentucky
Moof: hmm
Moof: maybe
Livestock: you'd have to drop out of school
Livestock: tend the fields
Moof: yeah that is doable
Moof: wait i only have 3 months left
Moof: cant i just finish that up
Livestock: nope
Livestock: not if we want to make the harvest
Moof: josh please
Moof: argh i do
Moof: okay fine
Livestock: tom while you are working the fields
Livestock: i will drive the tractor around
Livestock: maybe ghost ride it a little
Moof: can i sit in the bucket
Livestock: tom okay but i'm going to drive into the barn
Livestock: on a lark tom
Livestock: a lark
Moof: josh listen
Moof: i am not adverse to larks
Moof: but if we want to make this harvest
Moof: there should only be one or two
Livestock: okay 1 or 2 larks for me while you work the fields
Moof: i will partake in some larks
Livestock: no tom we can't both be larking
Livestock: what will you be planting
Moof: flowers
Livestock: tom you idiot we cannot make money from flowers
Moof: they are really pretty :(
Livestock: tom this idea of yours to start a farm was foolish
Moof: josh i am going to move to china now thanks a lot
Moof: goodbye
Livestock: bye tom good luck
Moof: josh i didn't really go
Moof: i went to the farm
Livestock: oh thank heavens
Moof: one last time
Moof: and burned it
Moof: i burned it all
Moof: all the flowers
Moof: are burned
Moof: the barns
Moof: burned
Livestock: tom you made the right decision
Moof: josh - your tractor
Moof: burned
Livestock: ARGH
Livestock: you could have at least let me take my gps and cd player out of it first
Moof: one lark too many, josh
Livestock: this is a nightmare

Everyone was Participating and Having a Good Time with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: hey - tom
Livestock: saw an interesting duck situation at the pond
Moof: please, continue
Livestock: well there was an assortment of ducks, almost all the same type
Livestock: except there was this one duck that was clearly another breed
Livestock: but there was no discrimination and it was accepted
Livestock: as far as i could tell
Moof: as a king
Moof: or as a regular duck
Livestock: i do not know
Livestock: all i know is that everyone was participating and having a good time
Moof: josh are you sure it was just not a man duck amongst lady ducks
Livestock: tom the color scheme of this duck was way off
Moof: as is a man duck's colors compared to those of his lady counterparts
Livestock: yes tom but there were man and lady ducks and then there was this duck
Moof: maybe it was just a palette change
Livestock: tom this duck looked more like a show duck
Livestock: it was very fancy
Moof: goodness
Moof: i would probably have taken it
Livestock: tom i don't steal ducks, i observe them, though often the mere act of observation changes the nature of the duck
Moof: i always have to get involved
Livestock: you can't micromanage everything
Moof: i wish i could...
Livestock: just step back
Moof: :-/
Livestock: just let go
Moof: i really love ducks
Livestock: why don't you go marry a duck
Moof: now you are making fun of me
Livestock: i would never do that
Moof: do you promise...
Livestock: i promise
Moof: thank you
Livestock: no - thank you!!!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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