Cutting Costs with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom - might invest in a haircut tomorrow
Moof: hell yeah
Livestock: tom - seems to me hair is an untapped renewable resource
Moof: josh haircuts are not good investments
Moof: they are worthless after a few weeks
Livestock: absolutely
Livestock: might start cutting my own hair
Moof: good idea
Livestock: tom - business idea
Livestock: SelfCuts, a haircut business where you go in and cut your own hair
Moof: hmm
Moof: a great idea
Livestock: not sure how it will make money
Livestock: i guess maybe we will collect the hair and sell it
Moof: people will pay to use your scissors etc
Livestock: yes that is true tom
Livestock: a scissor rental fee
Moof: yes
Moof: also they will pay to have people make smalltalk to them
Moof: and to hold up the mirror to see the back at the end
Livestock: hmm
Livestock: i think maybe we will just automate the process
Livestock: like a carwash
Livestock: for your head
Moof: hmm
Moof: but with razors
Livestock: yes
Moof: instead of sponges
Livestock: there will probably still be sponges at the end
Moof: i dont know if we can budget that in
Livestock: tom also maybe a big blower to dry the person off
Livestock: on weekends it would be fun to maybe take the big blower out and point it at a dog
Moof: hehehehehe
Moof: that sounds like a lark
Moof: but no
Moof: that is not professional
Livestock: tom new business idea: wind tunnels for dogs
Moof: hmmm
Moof: no josh
Moof: gonna veto this one
Livestock: why
Moof: no profit in it
Moof: only bones
Moof: dogs dont have money
Livestock: not everything has to be about money....
Moof: businesses generally do
Livestock: tom we can run it as a nonprofit
Moof: hmm
Moof: to launder money...
Moof: from our illegal haircut operation
Livestock: tom there is nothing illegal about our haircut operation
Moof: then why do we need the dog tunnel
Livestock: tom it is a wind tunnel for dogs
Livestock: i don't know why you would ask
Livestock: people who don't have cars
Livestock: so their dogs can't stick their heads out the car windows
Livestock: will probably take their dogs to the dog wind tunnel
Moof: hmmm
Moof: josh that is something i had not considered
Moof: i worry whether there is a market for it though
Moof: i mean
Moof: most people have cars
Livestock: not everyone tom
Livestock: and that is where we will find our niche
Moof: i might open a competing service
Moof: wont have the expense of the wind tunnel
Moof: i will just drop the dogs face down from the top of a tower
Livestock: well tom
Livestock: i am not happy about the betrayal
Livestock: but competition will only benefit the consumer
Livestock: so i welcome the challenge
Livestock: the free market will sort this out
Moof: very well

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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