Salmon Night with Tom "Moof" Davies

Moof: thinking about cooking salmon tonight
Moof: a superfish
Livestock: a giant column made of salmon 100 meters high
Livestock: ancient chants before the great fish altar
Livestock: a single wish
Livestock: a dark cloud gathers
Livestock: the rains come
Livestock: the crops are fed
Livestock: the harvest will be great
Livestock: thank you salmon column
Livestock: we are in your debt
Livestock: now we offer our sacrifice
Livestock: fresh blood for your scales and gills
Livestock: grow stronger
Livestock: swim up the river of death
Livestock: salmon does sound good tonight tom
Moof: yes josh'
Moof: yes it does

Bog Quest with Tom "Moof" Davies

Moof: you in in a bog. exits are n, s, and w. there is a log here.
Moof: >
Livestock: examine bog
Moof: the bog is boggy and soft. there is a log in the bog, and you can hear frogs in the bog.
Livestock: examine log
Moof: there is a dog inside the log
Livestock: take dog
Moof: the dog bites a chunk out of your arm. you are bleeding in this bog.
Livestock: talk to frogs
Moof: the frogs are receptive to your conversation. you are losing blood.
Livestock: ask frog for medical advice
Moof: you fell into the bog
Moof: you have died in this bog
Moof: the bog is now your grave
Moof: your score: 100/100
Livestock: oh wow i did pretty good
Moof: yes josh you won
Livestock: hopefully there will be a sequel to this game
Moof: i hope...

Whistling for the Lord with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom are you there
Moof: i think so...
Livestock: tom for the next few minutes i am going to provide you with the names of tracks from a hypothetical album of Christian whistling songs
Livestock: 1. Whistling a Tune for My Lord
Livestock: 2. Jesus in the Wind
Livestock: 3. Just Toot-Tootin' for the Savior
Livestock: 4. Pucker, The Angel Has Come!
Livestock: 5. Slide on Down Salvation's Way
Livestock: that's it
Livestock: so i guess it's more of an ep
Moof: seems more like an ep
Livestock: that doesn't mean it's not good

Thank you for your time.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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