Some of you might remember a video that my dearest friends and I put together back during the interminable democratic primary season, a video called "Barack Obama: A Tribute to Hope". I received a certain amount of flak for hijacking the front page of a comedy website to express my sincere political views, but this was balanced out by an overwhelming outpouring of support from people who had seen our simple message of hope and had been deeply affected.

Now here we are, nearly eight months later, and all of our dreams have come to fruition. Indeed, our dreams have born fruit. We are holding dream fruit, and that dream fruit is Barack Obama's impending presidency. In response to this momentous occasion, I have gathered together those same friends and family members that graciously helped film the unofficial campaign video, and asked them to help me create an unofficial victory video.

Below is the result of that request. Five days of filming and editing. Two long years of constant campaigning. Four forthcoming years of President Obama. The triumph of the hope.

Barack Obama: The Triumph of the Hope

– Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

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