Resident Evil

RESIDENT. EVIL. Just the title screen is enough to make you pee your pants! Though its chunky graphics may look hokey these days, just seeing one of those shambling zombies was enough to make you flee in terror back in the '90s. But after you surmounted that mansion full of dangers, there was no better feeling than destroying the Tyrant and escaping from the exploding mansion via helicopter. I had my own last-minute escape that fateful weekend, but sadly without a partner in tow. After burning my father's clothes and body, a nearby weather chopper saw my signal fire and scooped me up for a speedy return to civilization. When a friendly judge assured me my actions were a necessity and not manslaughter, I assumed pop's bones would make a good feast for the local wolf population and now that's basically all I see when I close my eyes. Still, what gamer out there can say they've seen a true "game over" in their lives!? Every night I actually fall asleep I pray I wake up as someone else.

– The Supreme Classic Gamer

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