The results are in! You have weighed some fine video game rumps in your brains and submitted your votes for your favorites to our pole. It was surprisingly close all the way, but you narrowed it down to just five beautiful butts that make your hogs go wild. Now we're going to count 'em down with our Senior Editor Drewfus and our Console Feature Editor HaloDog69.

Let's get this party started!

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

Drewfus: DO WANT.

HaloDog69: Dang I want to raid allllllll up in that nasty tomb.

Drewfus: You know it. She's British so you know she is freaky as hell. Like all "spank my bum" and I'd be like, "yep, don't mind if I do."

HaloDog69: TOMB raider more like WOMB raider, via the butt side. Am I right?

Drewfus: Booya that is some juicy stinkburger.

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