Before starting you must download druangi's Virtual Indecent Maid 4 Complete Pack, which contains everything you need in a handy 38 gigabyte torrent. Once you have downloaded and extracted the pack's contents, you will install the disks in the following order:

1. Virtual Indecent Maid 4 (retail)

2. Indecent Fire Escape (expansion)

3. English Translation Patch

4. Hand Size Fix Patch

5. Cinematic Fix (removes 117 minutes of footage from the unskippable intro movie, replaces it with 118 minutes of a test signal and silence)

6. Erotic Headband Collection

7. Breakable Elbows

8. Censorship Removal Patch (desks no longer blurred out)

9. Fondle-able Ghosts

10. Indecent Driver's License Photo Room (second expansion)

11. High Resolution Dust Textures

Now you're ready to play!

Girl Creation

Creating a girl in Virtual Indecent Maid 4 is relatively complex, but the outcome is very much worth the effort. I think you will agree that I'll take a Virtual Indecent Maid 4 woman over anything that can be churned out in Artificial War Widow Panic. That's for sure!!

Physical Properties

In addition to the standard options (bust size, eyes, hair, pubic lice, bruises), you can toggle physical traits for your girl. The impact of the physical trait system is revolutionary, and changes the way that girl simulators will be approached for years to come.

The traits that you choose for your girl will play a significant role in all of your interactions. You will wonder how you ever played a girl simulator before without this system. Welcome to the future!

Here are all the traits. Click one to learn more.

Pushy Shoulders, Hardly Any Internal Organs.


Click a body part, then cycle through the clothing options until you find what you are looking for. Note that while the original game only provided 2,800 maid outfits, the expansions added 18 more.

Blood Type



Here, you choose from a list of personality archetypes, each representing a different kind of girl to interact with.

True to form, girls with the Loli personality shrink at a rapid rate until they disappear. Their high-pitched voices squeak as they say Loli-phrases like "Ah!" and "I am very small!"

Tomboys are motivated by auto repair. Talk to them about this and they will be your forever maid. Sometimes after being touched, tomboys nod until the game crashes with a nod_overflow error.

Pregnancy Faker
Pantomimes a large belly. Does absolutely nothing else, regardless of the player's input.

Girls who fall into the mature personality are self-assured, smart, and somewhat jaded thanks to the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of their middle school surroundings.

Will do anything for you except stop crying. The most popular personality type.

Playing The Main Game

Avoid the trucks. Jump on the logs. Do not fall in the water.

Sexual Interaction

The interface becomes very minimalistic during the sexual interaction phase, as all of your focus must be on the girl's feet. Just do what seems natural, and if you have any problems keep the following tips in mind:

- You can interact with objects, provided they weigh less than three tons. I.E. you can throw cars and roll boulders down hills, but cannot push buildings over.

- It is possible to apologize too much, ending the sexual interaction phase.

- Everything is in first person perspective. If you see your own body from behind, you have been gravely injured.

- At certain points, the hand cursor will turn into a baseball glove. Present this to your girl as a gift and she will climax.

Post-Coitus (Telling Her You Are A Robot)

Don't wait too long, but let a few moments pass so you can both enjoy the afterglow before your betrayal becomes known. Make sure she understands that you being a robot is not her fault. Depending on how she takes the news and your performance in the sexual interaction phase, she may agree to be marry you so you can stay in the country under a robot visa.

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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