Awhile back, the Something Awful Forum Goons got a hankering to run amuck in the world of fine arts. The challenge was simple: do something ridiculous or clever to a piece of classic art. Before long, a whole bunch of truly insane and neat images were made. If you're a fan of really old painted pieces of canvas, then you're in for a treat so sugary that your brain will melt down into pure syrup and spill out of every orifice like candy Ebola.

On a side note, this is the first Photoshop Phriday in ages to not feature an appearance by Admiral Ackbar. While he is sorely missed, there are quite a few Star Wars references that did seep in. And no, this is not a trap. Or is it?

Page One: Standing Still at the Last Supper

"NickLess" invites us all to attend the Last Rave:

The short fat kid in the Alf shirt is a bit of a Photoshop celebrity around the SA Forums. "Tepid" got him tickets to the most popular dinner party in history:

"leedo" made Venus de Milo more manly. HUT HUT HUT:

"SirRobin" likes to rock hard on occasion:

If you don't get the reference, consider yourself lucky. "protagonist" divides the void:

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