The swarthy "FuSchinck" is the culprit responsible for starting the madness this week. He challenged the goons to another round of movie poster mayhem, inspiring a large number of images to be excreted from the Photoshop glands of our beloved Goons. As mentioned, movie poster Photoshopping is a reoccurring theme on the forums. Thankfully the sheer volume of posters out there (billions, and growing larger all the time) means for awesome and unique comedy opportunities each time. Except for this time!

I kid, because the Goons did a fantastic job. And unlike last week, which was completely devoid of Admiral Ackbar, you can count on some hot Mon Calamari action this week. When Ackbar is around, you can bet your ass there are traps nearby as well!

"FuSchnick" starts things off with a double header:

It's "FuSchnick" again:

Another Ike! At least "Arken" got his height right:

"Mike Toole" goes for the obvious and wins the Jeopardy home game:

"Arken" is considering all the wrong possibilities:

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