We here on the Internet love fruits and vegetables more than anyone. The fact is, we can't live without 'em. To celebrate their important purpose in our stomachs, the Something Awful Forum Goons paid tribute to old produce advertisements made when life was simpler and it was perfectly acceptable to sell fruit with deranged racist imagery. Ah, the good old days. Some of you may remember our stab at this theme from 2002. I'd say after 5 years it's worth another shot.

animeluva1 has been hurt too many times in the past by sweet potatoes.

Bad Mother made this while the kids watched racy Fox programs in the other room unsupervised.

GENUINE CAT HERDER calls it like he sees it.

When trippy is done, there ain't nothing left but applesauce.

Hanibalicious spends a lot of time alone out back talking dirty to the fruits. Where once people worried, now they have learned to let go.

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