Now that it's pretty much ruined and we're all going to die horribly, mainstream America is starting to care about the environment. Sadly, this concern doesn't really translate into anything practical other than the occasional PSA about light bulb usage and 20% more scowling at the jerks driving around in Hummers. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons decided to do their part to pretend to help the environment, this time by making some eco-friendly progressive video games. Looking at them will be a pleasant distraction from the all-consuming Global Warming-powered death due any minute now.

occamsmonkey got things started with this, which saved the environment for everyone.

StolenMerch won't stop until carbon itself is outlawed.

GENUINE CAT HERDER dreams of a really stupid afterlife.

I knew by the unmistakable sounds of muttonchops shifting in the wind that Crun was near.

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