Oh for simpler days, when all it took to make baby's first webpage tres chic was to successfully match up the first and last frames of a rotating gif in Imageready. This week the goons recapture the magic of the Angelfire web of yore with some spherical and/or spinning images! I like to imagine these in beveled beige tables, or over tiled starfields that make text impossible to read. Sigh. Where does the time go?

The spinny spherey shenanigans were begun by Nurge, who submitted as many entries this week as all the other participants combined, the crazy fuck.

I'm pretty sure nextlevelstart is the Asylum version of Ready Player 1.

I get my life advice from EBB, and they have yet to let me down.

Mustache comb!? Paladinus does not need... mustache comb!!

Sir Not Appearing did not have enough characters in the name field for their Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference but did not let that stop them. That's devotion.

Either these are images by Schweinhund or I'm having Encarta flashbacks again.

Xaintrailles is the Buckminster Fuller of the Little Caesars test lab.

Rutibex was created in a teleporter accident involving a root vegetable and a dinosaur.

At least ChubbyChecker gave that maniac OP a run for their money.

Damn it Nurge, I'm impressed and all but, maybe next time more weight less reps?

Sir Not Appearing is the mountain with the biggest tits in the world.

Tenzarin, did this thing really need 150 frames? We see enough of him onscreen as it is.

And finally, Oldstench is this week's "winner" with a mind-bending take on the most important photograph of the 21st century. And this despite the fact that they submitted it as an MP4 like a god-damn monster.

Thanks to the Somethingawful forums users for this ballsy thread! See what I did there?

Next time: digitally manipulated image files that are maybe funny! Maybe.

– Ian "BFM" Helm

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