why won't lowtax stop yelling at me? oh, it's because this feature has not updated in a month. here we are, friends and pre-friends, it's photoshop phriday.
this phriday is all about our commander in chief, infamous inventor of 4chan, alt right reactionary, proponent of the
pasteurisation process, friend of the downtrodden, literal monster, figurative dog-sitter, not good boxer, guy who am very afraid of, Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka, screaming. honestly, these days, i get it.

Incitatus knows how to start a good thread.

2: knock out an example or two

3: FINISH IT off with a deep cut

EorayMel stalks the forums, silently. when the moment is right they unleash a devastating joke.

spacetoaster is clearly a gaming garbage afficianado.

read a fucking history bookAlthalin posted this image with a single word, "if."

stop, Lucavi, he's already dead!

sure am glad no one photoshopped me into an image of my younger self, forcing me to reflect on my mortality!

Bronze Fonz, creator of true nightmares.

a terrifying vision of the darkest possible future.

Captain Hygiene produces an image i can somehow hear

shadow puppet of a is delightfully saucy

Drink-Mix man, i've been there buddy. i checked the times, your post was six minutes afterwards, and i know the reply window was open the whole time. i honour you and your joke.

Althalin made me research this, and i'm extremely glad i didn't make a zardoz joke!

Drink-Mix Man chastened by his experiance, makes a joke he is almost CERTAIN no one will snipe.

Wall Balls took me once down a forest path. we walked as night fell, and the trees grew ever thicker. after time lost meaning we found a small pool. they cast a stone into the water, and this image appeared.

Bronze Fonz has been screaming about "CHIM" for hours, and i just asked if they'd played morrowind.

"Bronze Fonz, please, hurl this metal ball at my website."

knows where his tenbux went

Resting Lich Face knows that these boards are big enough for all of us

doctorfrog won't stop stream sniping me and i am starting to get PISSED

Nurge and i are wondering, what made lowtax so mad, anyways?

Bronze Fonz has an idea

Tytan knows lowtax has seen the true face of war. internet war.

Drink-Mix Man goes hog wild, and we thank them for it

actually, Drink-Mix Man, i am gonna take that thanks back now

Lucavi knows lowtax won't win. the election was rigged from the start!

Bronze Fonz is the neighbour we all wish we had. lowtax, not so much. that guy will not stop yelling!

empty whippet box, this is not a photoshop and i am so furious about this i am not posting any more images, till next phriday.

anyways, hi, it's me, your internet friend heather papps. i am really sorry if i messed this up, but hey man what the hell is your problem you aren't my dad! justification? justify THIS!
(for complaints, please register a Something Awful forums account, then buy plat, pm me and we will hash this out. otherwise, for your refund, click here!)

– Heather Papps

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