The Challenge:

The Something Awful Goons have mangled propaganda posters before on several occasions. The vast amount of posters and easy exploitability means that the fruit can be squeezed many times and still remain juicy. This is completely unlike Juicy Fruit gum, which loses its flavor after half a second. But don't get me started on gum, because I can go all night! Instead, sit back and enjoy the vast amounts of dirty sexual innuendo that is Photoshop Phriday!

An example of an unedited image would be something like this:

Of course this image needs no editing. A lot of others needed only simple modifacation to make them into razor sharp throwing stars of comedy! The kind that can rip open your guts... WITH LAUGHTER!

"rope kid" started things off by getting political to the extreme:

Following the lead, "drqshadow" throws out his favorite pickup line:

"Suzy, Age 4" knows how bad air traffic can be:

The spicy "Cajun McChicken" knows a thing or two about being politically incorrect:

"PurdWerfect" reflects upon his own wartime experience for this image:

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