Welcome to the Webcam Ward where we sometimes over- (and under-) deliver on YouTube videos, dubbed to make them somewhat tolerable. Somewhat. In this episode, Khad returns from a long hiatus and is rewarded with multiple videos of a weirdo filming himself. So, same as usual, really.

Today's Webcam Ward is a little different than usual, as you'll be seeing. Unfortunately for you, it means a lot more of this guy:


This man has mastered green screen technology Joined:
About Him: Overweight Semi Retired Coffee Drinker, not a Computer Genius but not a Computer Dummy Either
User: CoffeehousePorcupine
Total Upload Views: 4,454

Best Viewer Comment: This guy is the biggest troll on Philly.com. He's aÿ complete piece of shit who makes up rumors and talks shit. Shocker hes a fat loser, unemployed, no woman in sight....

This first video was going to be this week's update. Khad and I watch this jerkoff spout nonsense about sports.

Then, however, Khad found a video about a big vagina looking sandwich. Could we pass up the opportunity to make fun of sixty seconds of this guy's disgusting hero? Fuck yes!

All of this paled to our next discovery - CoffeehousePorcupine had a fucking green screen. Plus, he's doing a self-imposed weight loss challenge! It's like Christmas came early for us.

I don't even have much of a setup for this last video. It's a fucking green screen for God's sake. Why do you have special effects for a webcam rant? Why?! At any rate, I'd urge you all to check out Coffeehouse's channel linked above and just fall in love with the nonsense.

(This last video was encoded in a really weird format when I downloaded - the resultion was 480x272, which I guess means "Super Widescreen". That's one for all you A/V nerds out there.)

That does it for this week at the Webcam Ward and if you run into a downright horrible video on the world wide web, let us know!

– Michael "slowbeef" Sawyer and Steve "Khad" Grant

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