When Bill Clinton was confronted by that 9/11 truther you just know that in the back of his mind he wanted to say, "Listen here you little jerk off..." If he had said that I would have written him in on the next ballot no matter what the constitution says!

Well it is kind of my bitch to be hassled when I bring my girlfriend in for her abortion. Luckily the 7th one is free.

Considering how badly the country has been run the last seven years I think that being controlled by the Jews wouldn't be so bad...

Even if this were true I honestly would not care. The Jews seem like a happening bunch of people.

This days it isn't Tom Cruise or Brad Pit that sells a movie, it's RON PAUL 08 VOTE RON PAUL EIGHT TIMES AND YOUR FIRST CRUSH WILL KISS U!!!

You're going to have to pay me more than $10 a head to get me to round up illegals. Perhaps you can get some illegals to do it for cheaper?

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