In a way, you're the rude one, for making me laugh. So I don't feel bad, is what I'm saying, about the laughing and the rudeness.

Some things we're all better off not knowing.

"MeatFlower here with a few tips about dating abroad." "Dating a broad? hahaa" "Try to be a little classy, please."

No responses? Hmm, I wonder what that means. Maybe I should message everyone individually, to find out why they didn't respond. No one has responded to those yet either. I wonder why not! Maybe I'll message them again.

Skipping to the end ... and ... No, next question.

Depressing violins, depressing violins, comedy kazoo.

Thanks to Narbles for the tip! Feel free to send suggestions, hopes, dreams ... ok no dreams.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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