Rob's Fantasy

There's this guy, Rob, who wants to do a dead chick. I don't know why he'd want that. Seems like kind of a waste of time to me since dead people are, you know, not alive. All normal human logic aside, Rob thought it would be a great idea to start a forum for his pals to describe their silly dreams in which they're humping a corpse and its head falls off. The posts tend to get worse as the article goes on so you can just quit when you begin feeling uncomfortable.

Oh okay, good artificial Cher joke there, Jay Leno.

Lays is just a brand name it's not like a suggestion.

Who knows what "TORTUREKILLA" is interested in. Some people are so mysterious and reserved.

I liked that one episode of Columbo where he asked all the questions.

It only took "NecroForFatCorpses" 3 years to figure this out, so give him a hand.

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