TV on DVD. Bottled water must have sounded like a stupid idea at first, too. The rest is history.

You've probably heard of the ugly guy, hot wife rule on television. Well Alf took it a step further and created the ugly son, hot daughter rule. What a pioneering show.

If McCain could have had just 7 more minutes devoted to him on Brian William's newscast, he could have won it all. Damn you Brian Williams.

This post hearkens back to a time when TV was more innocent. "Breast and thighs" was as edgy as it got. Today the modern version of this episode would go something like, "HER ASS, BRO. I LIKE TO FUCK HER ASSHOLE."

Saturday Night Live for babby.

She scored amazingly well with the pedo demographic. Now you know.

Okay, this is about the point where this Weekend Web jumps the shark. Let's move on.

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