Hooray! It is time for another festival of funny. This week's theme covers game shows and those reality based game shows that are so popular with idiots these days. As usual, these images come courtesy of the residents of our virtual online internetwork communication forums.

I got things started with this goofy pile of digital lard:

Wouldn't it be great if all your favorite Photoshop Phriday Game Show hits were accessible via an indexed listing of pages? It sure would!

"Lank" is so very lonely. He just wants someone to talk to.

The sad thing is, these celebrities are more famous than the ones on the actual show. Thanks "Barbwire".

As crazy as this is, I sure as Jupiter would watch. Thank wacky internet guy "NickLess" for making this.

"BigFactory" is a really big wiseguy.

Captain Comedy Man "allgore" made this. Way to go, Ace!

"Gripnizzy" is indeed a classy gentleman.

I'm not big on Seinfeld referrences, but at least "Hazed blue" made this one look good.

Yeah, so there is this "Jocelyn Ahoy" image. Yep.

"Krackbaby" knows how to make contestants think.

"ixnay37" makes a game show out of the Texas legal system.

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