I think we can all agree with this post. Tuxedo Mask is so dreamy...

Fellow Internet poster, your reputation precedes you...

People who think about TV too much must be really happy people. Here I am sitting here depressed and not thinking about gay stereotypes in a children's show. I wish I had this guy's life.

New rule: you can't dislike any show with an Asian person in it. Sorry, it's the law.

Eh, I think Olbermann gives Oscar the Grouch a run for his money. And tonight, my special comment on the letter T.

Elmo is like the Adam Sandler of Sesame Street and every other character is like, uhm, Tim Meadows.

You know, this post may sound stupid to you, but Matt Groening had a bug up his ass about Homer strangling Bart too so fuck both of them.

It's not TV, it's art.

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