Fantasy Feeder

Feeders are those who want themselves or others to become morbidly obese on purpose. You learn something new and frightening every day.

I just asked my magic 8-ball what she should do and it said "Outlook not so good," which just adds to the list of things about "Fran" that look not so good.

All right. Thanks for clearing that up, "fatmother34," because I was going to go around town tomorrow spreading the word about your amazing tale, and I wouldn't want to be embarrassed when I'm at some restaurant telling the story and some guy yells from the other side of the room, "Hey, you talkin' about fatmother34?" and I go, "Yeah!" and he says, "Her kid's name is pronounced Sah-van-eh, you asshole!" That would be so humiliating.

It is no longer fun to stay at the YMCA.

Immobility, oh baby. My body becoming its own prison, mmmmm, that's what dreams are made of.

"madb" is going to die on the toilet.

"Tychondarova" seems eager to find out why the girl hasn't collapsed into a black hole.

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