The world of video games is an ever increasing industry hellbent on world domination. Publishers and developers are ruthless corporations who will stop at nothing to put their mind altering devices into children's homes. These companies operate in the business of gouging well meaning families out of their hard earned money. What is it going to take to put these monsters in prison, where they belong?
We here at Weekend Web won't stand for any of that. In this undercover report we go where no reporter has gone before, the video game forums of the internet, to find out what these evil corporations have done to our nation's children.

Let's begin today by putting this whole Half Life 2 fiasco into perspective.

I think "EvilMage" should hire a lawyer and sue Blizzard Entertainment, the kid who reported him, the kid's ISP, his ISP, his parents, A&E Biography channel, and myself.

"monkeydance13" is in a pickle of a situation here.

I will never make fun of the Gamecube's resemblance to an Easy Bake Oven ever again after reading "gamecubeguru123's" sacred commandments.

Remember that game where you had to yell at Pikachu to do shit and all he did was shoot lightning out of his ass and make light of your mother's weight? Yeah that was a good game.

Unfortunately the market cannot sustain two queer anime card games at the same time.

I really wanted to see "vnatik's" powerful druid but I kept saying, "I'll go a little later. I'll go a little later." And when I finally went he was gone. I asked the moderator if he'd ever be back again and he said he didn't know.

An action shot of "bad boy killa" making up for his incredibly tiny penis.

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